How to Record Screen Easily During the Conference Call?

At a time when everyone is moving online, screen recording has become a necessity. While not everyone uses it for business, some want to keep only a record of their healthy times. For example, a qualified game player may want to have a live record of how to keep a winning record to share with future generations.

Video conferences and live online meetings require video demonstrations. In some cases, we need to record the screen to show it to other team members. For this purpose, we need software that can capture and record the screen of a pc or computer. This software is called screen recorder software. There are many online screen recordings available on the Internet. However, the best screen recording software is IObit Screen Recorder. Many business representatives or online educators use this software as reliable software for recording PC or laptop screens in high quality video. It can cut or remove useless content at first.

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How to record screen step by step

Here are 6 simple steps to record your screen with free IObit Screen Recorder.

Step #1

The first step in recording your screen is to set your preferences. You can record the full screen of your PC, or you can select the area you want. You can select the option you want from the selected region. You can select full screen, window, or fixed dimensions.

1. IObit Sreen Recorder

Step #2

From the top right corner, you will see three vertical lines. By clicking on the option, you can access the software settings. From the recording option, you can select different settings according to your needs. You can select the speaker recording option and microphone recording. Additionally, if you want to record your mouse clicks, you can check the recording settings option.

2. IObit Sreen Recorder.

Step #3

For webcam recording, you should go to settings and click on webcam options. From the webcam option, you can check the webcam recording option.

3. IObit Sreen Recorder.

Step #4

By selecting the webcam format, you can go to the software settings options. You can set your preferences by recording high quality videos. You can choose the frame size and frame size of your video. Additionally, you can choose your audio and video format to record the best videos.

Step #5

Screen recording software also provides you with the hotkey feature. The feature allows you to select a screenshot setting according to your needs. You should get the hotkeys option from the settings. Click your screenshot format whether you want JPG or PNG. You can set the keys according to your ease of start/stop, pause/resume, and take a screenshot.

4. IObit Sreen Recorder.

Step #6

After adjusting all your settings, you can record anything that happens on your PC screen. You can record your screen without leaving the frame. Using the free IObit screen recorder, you can record your screen and save it to your preferred PC folder. You can edit and then output your recorded video in any popular format you need.

5. IObit Sreen Recorder.

Main features

IObit Screen Recorder does not limit the size of the video you can edit or record. You can also use it to work on long videos that last a few minutes or hours. That is why it is used in various categories of video editors. In this free IObit Screen Recorder, you can send video files in a variety of formats such as GIF, MP4, MOV, WMV, AVI, or MP3. You are not limited to the format you can use, therefore, you must consider downloading IObit Screen Recorder and use it to work on your demos.



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